About the "Corte delle Camelie"

The "Corte delle Camelie" is a first renovation project of two buildings dating from the years 1400-1500.
Presumably belonging to an old adjacent convent, the properties have been used as a residence until 1950 by the Gilardi family.

Purchased in 2011 after the death of the last descendant of the family, the buildings have been restored. The architectural project is based on the objective of preserving the techniques and materials of the past, adding an additional modern building, capable of accommodating the bathrooms and all the technical installations. On the external facade, the building houses a painting of a Madonna with baby Jesus and two saints, wich inserts the property in the list of cultural goods to be protected by the government of the Canton Ticino.

The "Casa Gilardi" dating from the year 1500

The "Corte delle Camelie" before the renovation